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Presented by:
1000 Islands International Tourism Council
Thousand Islands Accommodation Partners
RTO 9 - Southeastern Ontario

Plan to Join us in Gananoque at the Thousand Islands Playhouse

for the  
1000 Islands International Region Tourism Summit

10 am to 3 pm - Thursday, October 18, 2018.


The agenda will include presentations on border developments,

marketing collaborations and future tourism development opportunities.

$20 CDN/$15USD at the door includes lunch
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Sessions to Include:


Love New York + Discover Ontario = Visit 1000 Islands

The State of New York’s “I Love New York” program and “Destination Ontario” both market the 1000 Islands as part of their on-going campaigns. Where does the 1000 Islands Region fit into the overall marketing picture for the State and Province? How do marketing leaders in Albany and Toronto view bi-national partnerships?


Ross Levi Executive Director  of the New York State Division of Tourism and Darlene Leskovar, Partnership and Industry Relations Co-ordinator at  Destination Ontario.will make presentations on their programs.


Building a Better Border:

The 1000 Islands border facilities are undergoing major changes. The new $60 million Canadian port of entry has been completed this year. Construction is underway at the new $215 million USA facilities. What will be changing at the border? How might the new investments facilitate border crossings?


Mark Pergunas, CBSA’s Lansdowne Port of Entry Chief of Operations and Andrew Woodring, Project Manager for GSA Public Buildings Service will present updates on the new border facilities.



Collaborating on Touring Routes:

Ontario and New York are working on plans to expand trails and encourage more bicycle tourism. Is there an opportunity to create a Bi-National Bike Route along the shores of the St. Lawrence River? Is there potential in a bicycle ferry across the River? How can our region work to take advantage of the growth in bicycle tourism by offering a unique bi-national experience? 


Louisa Mursell of Ontario’s Transportation Options and James Meerdink of Parks & Trails New York will provide insights into bicycle tourism.



1000 Islands Marketing Update:

Tourism organizations in the region work together everyday to sell the 1000 Islands. How are 1000 Islands tourism offices collaborating on advertising campaigns, brochures, travel media publicity and online marketing? 


Corey Fram from the 1000 Islands International Tourism Council, Kathrine Christensen from the 1000 Islands Accommodation Partners and Bonnie Ruddock from Region 9 Ontario Regional Tourism Organization will offer updates on marketing projects.

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