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U.S. Economic Development Administration
Grant Information

The Thousand Islands Regional Tourism Development Corporation, operating under the trade name 1000 Islands International Tourism Council (hereinafter referred to as the "Council"), has been designated as a beneficiary of a grant totaling $368,825.00 USD. This financial allocation originates from the U.S. Economic Development Administration and is under the oversight of New York Empire State Development.

The allocated funds are earmarked for strategic initiatives falling within specific categories. These categories encompass the travel trade sector, which includes segments such as motorcoach tourism, meetings, and conventions. Additionally, the funds will be directed towards endeavors related to international market expansion, encompassing targeted marketing and promotional activities in overseas markets. Furthermore, an allocation will be channeled into the enhancement of outdoor recreation experiences.

For a comprehensive compendium of calls for proposals designed to solicit support for project execution, we invite interested parties to peruse this industry website. The provided resource not only includes a detailed list of project opportunities but also expounds on the evaluation criteria employed in the selection process.

To gain further insights regarding the projects that have garnered support through this grant, inquiries can be directed to Corey Fram, the Director of Tourism, at or by phone at 315-482-2520. 

Requests for Proposals:

National Marine Sanctuary Asset Development 

Meetings Market Digital Marketing

Motorcoach Market Digital Marketing

Tug Hill Recreation Guide

Agritourism website design

Website translation services/multi languages RFP

Canadian-facing Public Relations Campaign

Travel Trade Collateral Design and Production

Evaluation Criteria:

The assessment of proposals pertaining to initiatives carried out under the auspices of the U.S. Economic Development Administration grant-funded endeavors by the Council will be predicated upon a comprehensive set of criteria. These criteria, while not exclusive, encompass the following key aspects. It is vital to acknowledge that the outlined criteria will contribute to the comprehensive evaluation of proposals, and while cost holds significance, it will not be the sole determinant in the selection process. The amalgamation of these criteria will ensure that chosen projects align not only with budget considerations but also with the expertise and capacity required for successful project outcomes.

Cost Evaluation
The total cost and service fees will be a pivotal consideration in the evaluation of proposals submitted by all prospective firms. It is imperative to note that while cost shall not singularly dictate the outcome of project awards, it will nonetheless constitute a substantial facet of the evaluation process.


Experience Appraisal
Demonstrable and pertinent experience within the designated project domains will be accorded substantial weight. The vendors' documented history of engagement in projects aligning with the s
cope of work will be a central factor in the evaluation process.


Capacity Assessment
The vendor's capacity to provide services within a stipulated timeframe, one that facilitates seamless project implementation, execution, and assessment in ali
gnment with the Council's grant duration, will be a key factor under consideration.

Innovation and Implementation Excellence
Innovation is of paramount importance, with a focus on novel and dynamic approaches that align with prevailing industry trends while evading redundancy. Proposals distinguished by their originality and resonance with contemporary developments will be accorded heightened attention. The Council's pursuit is directed towards identifying firms capable of delivering forward-looking solutions to the designated projects. Particularly, solutions that transcend the confines of the Council's internal capabilities, resulting in expanded market presence and heightened penetration, will be met with enhanced consideration.


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